what is a squiggle?

According to fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Hill, a squiggle is a beginning point, a small, wiggly line on a page with the potential to become something more--a brilliantly drawn fifth-grade picture!

A beginning point. A silly phrase from my preschooler, my teenager rolling his eyes, or my kindergartner deleting my entire 3rd chapter...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Scripture Squiggle: Proverbs 15:1

"A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger."

When I was little, nothing infuriated me when I was already upset like my older brother. Whenever he saw me frowning, crying, or pouting, he would grin at me and say, "Don't smile!"

I always tried, but no matter what I did, my traitorous lips would turn upward and for a brief second a smile crept onto my face--always followed by me yelling at my brother to leave me alone.

But he had already succeeded. My foul mood was broken by his simple statement. My anger at my brother never lasted long; really it was born from a desire to hold onto whatever had been bothering me, rather than let it go, as I should.

After my brother's smile trick, though, I had to let it go. Because his trick was more than a brother teasing a sister. His trick was a brother's love for his sister, because he didn't like to see me sad or upset.

Now that I'm older, I sometimes still hear him when things get tough. I see his smiling face as he taunts, "Don't smile."

But I do.


  1. LOL,I love it! Beautifully written. Trevor picked up that trick from Aaron. He was the ruiner of all my bad moods!

  2. Yup, I remember both Aaron and Trevor doing that to me. You couldn't be in a proper bad mood with them around. :P