what is a squiggle?

According to fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Hill, a squiggle is a beginning point, a small, wiggly line on a page with the potential to become something more--a brilliantly drawn fifth-grade picture!

A beginning point. A silly phrase from my preschooler, my teenager rolling his eyes, or my kindergartner deleting my entire 3rd chapter...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is a Scipture Squiggle?

In fifth grade, my teacher used "squiggle stories" to promote creativity and enhance our writing skills. Each week she handed out papers with a few squiggly lines on them for us to turn into a picture and then write a story about the picture. This activity is what sparked my desire to be a writer. In my first novel, "Abish: Faith Among the Lamanites," I drew from four verses found in Alma 19 to create a fictional story designed to uplift and inspire--these four verses were my scripture squiggle, the basis for my story.

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