what is a squiggle?

According to fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Hill, a squiggle is a beginning point, a small, wiggly line on a page with the potential to become something more--a brilliantly drawn fifth-grade picture!

A beginning point. A silly phrase from my preschooler, my teenager rolling his eyes, or my kindergartner deleting my entire 3rd chapter...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scripture Squiggle: Moroni 8:16

"...I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear."

After reading this last part of verse 16 I pondered on the idea of perfect love. My first thoughts were that perfect love was when we had perfect love for the Father and His Son. This made sense because when we center our lives on the Savior and His Eternal Plan for us, we don't fear man. But then I began to think about the words themselves: perfect love. Perfect isn't a word that the Lord uses in describing us as we are now, but as we can eventually become. But we are told that this perfect love can help us during our mortal life to not be afraid. So who is perfect? Only Jesus Christ. Is this verse then talking about Jesus' perfect love, not about our love for the Lord, but the Lord's love for us? Today, our world is filled with many things that can cause us to fear--we worry about wicked men and women harming those we love, illness, war, all things that are beyond our control. But through the Savior's perfect love for us, through his willingness to suffer and die on our behalf, we do not have to fear this things. We know that pain, sorrow, death, and everything else we have no control over are temporary, thanks to the Savior.

In this season of giving, let's remember the ultimate gift of perfect love.

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